FAN Live Music Production Support Fund: Frequently Asked Questions

I am a production professional who is interested in applying for the grant. What is acceptable proof?

We’re looking for a resume or perhaps a list of NYC venues you worked for in 2019, and paystubs or similar showing that you earned at least $2000 working shows in New York City in 2019. You know what will work best to prove what gigs you’ve worked. You WILL also need to affirm in your application that you earned at least $2,000 of your income in 2019 from live music production work, and your sworn statement will be legally binding. A tax return is not necessary or desired. Please remove or black out your social security number from any documents you send.

Will the information I provide in my application be kept confidential?


Absolutely. Any FAN Board and FAN Support Fund Committee members that have access to your application will be contractually obligated to keep your information confidential. However, “Legal” requires us to tell you that in very rare circumstances, we may have to disclose limited information to regulatory bodies (like the IRS) or if required by law. But don’t worry, that almost never happens. Please remove or black out your social security number from any documents you send.

How are the grantees selected?


FAN will accept applications for a single round of grants, starting on June 15 until July 15. Applicants will be randomly selected from the pool of eligible applications. Those applicants will each receive a $400 grant.


Wait -- if the selection process is random, why do I have to answer that question about “What is my favorite NYC venue to work?”


FAN is built on a shared love of the NYC live music community and that includes all the great rooms in town, big and small. We like hearing about what the behind-the-scenes folk like about their favorite rooms, so we’re taking advantage of this opportunity to hear from you!


What if I am selected for a grant?


If you are selected for a grant, we will notify you by email. Grants will be mailed (in the form of a check) to the address you specified in your application. 


I was notified I was selected to receive a grant but I’m not at home.  Can you send the check to a different address?  How about PayPal or Venmo?


Sorry, no.  In order to comply with our record-keeping requirements, you can only receive a check and it must be mailed to the address you included in your application.


Is the grant taxable as income?


FAN will not be issuing 1099s to individuals that receive a grant. Although we don’t think “disaster relief” grants of this size are taxable as income, we aren’t accountants so please consult with yours.


I’m not computer savvy, can someone help me out with the application process? Is there a way to submit by mail?


This fund is open to all NYC live music production professionals, from the very online to those who aren’t so much. If you have questions or need help, you can contact us by email at or leave a voicemail message at 917-426-5732. We will return your call as promptly as possible and someone will be available to assist you with the application process. We’ll either walk you through it or, if necessary, help you mail in the information.


I’m not eligible for the fund, but I’d like to help, what’s the best way?


The more money we can raise, the more people we can help, so the best way to help out is to donate and to get your music loving friends to do the same. Think about how much you would be spending on concerts every month and chip in some of that money saved. You can go to the link to donate to the fund here. You can also be a big help by spreading the word on social media.


I think this fund sounds great. I have a business or organization that would be interested in providing sponsorship or donation matches, whom should I contact?


Awesome, let’s work together. Please reach out to and we will get right back to you.

For any additional questions regarding the application process or eligibility, please email or call 917-426-5732.